Core Documents

Important documents for parents and students. Just click and print!

Studio Policies

Information on scheduling, pricing and practice requirements for my private students.

Lines and Spaces

Shows the notes on the lines and spaces of both Treble and Bass clefs.

Star Chart

Students use this chart to keep track of the musical patterns they have learned and need to continue practicing by filling in the blocks with stickers or other markings.

Star Chart Practice Patterns

Shows the 5 types of musical patterns students should be able to recognize and execute, all written in the key of C. Students must memorize these patterns and transpose them to the other 11 keys in order to fill in the blocks of the Star Chart.

How to Practice Music

Clear, concise directions for students on how to practice the pieces they are learning. Very important information for reducing practice stress and maximizing practice time!

Piano Study Guide

A handy single page document, great for laminating to give to students or use in the studio. Include all of the most pertinent information for beginning music students, including staff note names, note values, intervals, primary chord cadences and music terms.

Achieving Basic Keyboard Skills

Information on the skills and knowledge expected of students in the first few years of piano study. Helpful for parents who want to know, "Is my child where they should be?"

Repertoire Checklist

A table with columns for students to check off COMPLETED repetitions of the pieces in their repertoire. Helpful for managing a larger repertoire and tracking practice time.