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7 thoughts on “Mailing List

  1. Lynne,
    Great website! I admire your commitment to music education – particularly in learning (the acquisition of knowledge), teaching (the passing of knowledge), and performing (it’s all about communication!), using innovative, non-traditional music education methods and technology.

  2. What’s happenin’ darlin’? The website looks terrific! Ed and I had lunch today and you were talked about (all good!). Keep on, keepin’ on!

  3. I just knocked out all of Tony Grey’s lessons, now I’m ready for the hard stuff (big HAHA). The site looks great and I’m looking forward to your blogs. Good Luck and Happy Plucking! – Jim

  4. Nice website , I like it , I from “No Treble” and live in Houston ,TX .
    Played bass for many years off and on , here lately mostly every day now.
    First bass was a Peavey Patriot Bass with a Peavey Minx Bass amp back in 1980 .
    Second bass was a Washburn got rid of that heavy flat Ax fast and bought a Ibanez in 1988 had it 25 years , wait there was a bass before the Ibanez but I forgot what it was.
    Just bought new Fender Jazz bass 5 months ago , thought it would sound good but rushed in to it too fast.
    Now I wish I would have bought a Yamaha or Music Man , maybe a Warwick .
    Its too late this MIM Fender is the last bass I will ever buy , I think ,,, nobody knows .

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